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OilEmpire.US is an encyclopedia of information from US corporate media, international press and domestic dissent on the internet that collectively reveal an extremely disturbing paradigm of Peak Oil Wars as the motivation for current world events. OilEmpire.us focuses on "connecting the dots" between Peak Oil, 9/11, the War on Iraq, election fraud, media manipulation and the ecological catastrophe of climate change, and how propaganda is used to confuse the public.

OilEmpire.US is not a news service keeping track of current the daily flood of stories. It is an effort to provide perspective and a different paradigm for understanding current events.

It is important for peace advocates to see through sophisticated attempts to muzzle efforts for social justice and prosecution of war criminals, and refuse to be diverted by ineffective outlets for our frustrations. The Democratic Party and even the liberal "alternative" media seek extremely narrow protest to ensure "Regime Rotation" -- replace Bush but keep the War of Terror and Homeland Security. For the 2008 Presidential Selection, candidate Barack Obama offered voters a choice of a different war - the "great game" to control oil pipeline routes in central Asia - as an alternative to escalated occupation in Iraq (the Democratic faction of the establishment hopes that a smaller force of US troops and mercenaries combined with the Iraqi military and secret police will be able to maintain US hegemony over Iraqi oil supplies).

OilEmpire.US is an effort toward honest elections in the United States, for practical solutions to the crises of declining petroleum and other critical natural resources that keep our civilization functioning, to support independent media voices that expose the deep politics of entrenched corruption in the military-industrial complex, and ultimately, to inoculate against the probability of additional "terror" attacks staged by state based or allied intelligence services by exposing the complicity of the Bush regime in the events of September 11. When US citizens see through the deception of 9/11 and other covert operations against democracy, there will be real opportunities to shift civilization's energy toward our collective survival.




Open Source: Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity.
-- Marshall McLuhan

The information on OilEmpire.US is taken from what the "intelligence community" calls "open source intelligence" -- news articles and other publicly available information. No secret information was used. No meetings with whistleblowers in dark alleys (or anywhere else). No envelopes of supposedly classified information have been sent anonymously -- and would be ignored even if they were (since there's no way to verify if the information is real or bogus). As this website became more popular, increasing amounts of email were sent supposedly showing various theories that are not supported by evidence, and even a few emails have been sent that are likely intended to discredit.

One of the very best 9/11 research sites is the "Complete 9/11 Timeline," published by the Center for Cooperative Research - www.cooperativeresearch.org This timeline is an enormous database of mass media articles that conclusively show that 9/11 was not a surprise attack. This timeline does not use any alternative media sources, not because the mass media is the best source for controversial information, but because many people have a predisposition to trust large media conglomerates more than smaller, independent media sources.

Oilempire is not limited solely to the mainstream media, but the material on this site is sourced entirely to material that is verifiable. The speculations on this site are identified as guesses, and are not based on inside knowledge. The most important contribution is to show the patterns of propaganda, and how they work on many issues, not merely 9/11 truth or Peak Oil.

thanks to www.cryptome.org for finding this quote:

Reexamining the Distinction Between Open Information and Secrets
Stephen C. Mercado
We need to rethink the distinction between open sources and secrets. Too many policymakers and intelligence officers mistake secrecy for intelligence and assume that information covertly acquired is superior to that obtained openly. Yet, the distinction between overt and covert sources is less clear than such thinking suggests. Open sources often equal or surpass classified information in monitoring and analyzing such pressing problems as terrorism, proliferation, and counterintelligence. Slighting open source intelligence (OSINT) for secrets, obtained at far greater expense when available at all, is no way to run an intelligence community. Also, we must put to rest the notion that the private sector is the preferred OSINT agent. In the end, I would contend, the Intelligence Community (IC) needs to assign greater resources to open sources.
-- www.cia.gov/csi/studies/Vol49no2/reexamining_the_distinction_3.htm

"The craft of CIA analysis was designed to be an all-source operation, meaning that we analysts were responsible – and held accountable – for assimilating information from all sources and coming to judgments on what it all meant. We used information of all kinds, from the most sophisticated technical collection platforms to spies to open media. Here I have to reveal a trade secret, which punctures the mystique of intelligence analysis. Generally speaking, 80 percent of the information one needs to form judgments on key intelligence targets or issues is available in open media. It helps to have training from past masters of media analysis, which began in a structured way in targeting Japanese and German media in the 1940s. But, truth be told, everyone with a high-school education can do it. It is not rocket science.
-- Ray McGovern, "George W. Bush: A CIA Analysis" www.antiwar.com/mcgovern/?articleid=11481, August 22, 2007

"The whole mystique of intelligence is that you acquire this… very valuable information covertly… if truth be told, about 80%--eight, zero--of any of the information that one needs is available in open source materials."
-- Ray McGovern, 27-year CIA analyst in the film 9/11: Press for Truth

You can't correct a problem until you know what’s wrong. You can't develop a useful strategy or capitalize on a skill until you know what you’re up against. You can’t calculate your moves until you are knowledgeable enough to predict countermoves and defensive tactics of rival teams. You can’t enjoy the encounters if you don’t understand the game.
-- Betty Lehan Harragan, Games Mother Never Taught You (New York, NY: Rawson, Associates Pub., 1977), pp. 145, 318.

"In the current context you can't outgun the authorities. They've always got bigger guns. It's about knowledge and information now. So if you want to protect your constitutional right to defend yourself, the way to do it is through having enough information that you can make sound choices, and through demonstrations of the sort we've seen against the World Trade Organization and the Iraq War. An armed response to government oppression is not effective other than as an attention getter. The thing that scares them most is people knowing the truth; otherwise they wouldn't go to such lengths to keep it from us."
-- musician Bruce Cockburn
"In A Dangerous Time: Bruce Cockburn On His Rage, His Music, And His Hunger For The Divine," June 2004, The Sun magazine, archived at www.cockburnproject.net

If we wish to deal with any problem, we must first examine it to discover what’s involved. We start by analyzing the situation in order to uncover its facts and details with the intent to identify "what needs fixing." Life instantly becomes a good deal easier. Automatically, problem-solving turns from worry to work; impossible situations turn into solvable problems; energy can then be directed instead of wasted.
-- Don Koberg and Jim Bagnall, The Universal Traveler (Menlo Park, CA: Crisp Publications, 1991), p. 24; (2003), p. 111

"Tell people something they know already and they will thank you for it. Tell them something new and they will hate you for it."
-- George Monbiot



your work "graphically" helping us separate truth from illusion is hugely valuable. ...
The great political education of the American public is going forward, and part of the discernment needed is not just knowing what to NOT trust, but knowing what to trust. That's why your Oil Empire is so helpful. Because it's so difficult to know the "whole" truth, if you learn to operate by smell and develop a really good sniffer, you'll be able to sniff out incongruencies and are better able to piece together what likely did happen.
-- Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondananda

OilEmpire awarded
Best Mega Media Research
9-11 Coverage Analysis
from Digital Style Designs

Compelling work by 9/11 investigator Mark Robinowitz adding more knowledge to how the pieces fit together.
-- recommended link "for reason and reliable information" at Michael Ruppert's From the Wilderness publications

I want to thank a dedicated and meticulous 9/11 researcher named Mark Robinowitz for giving me an analogy about bank robbers.
-- Michael Ruppert,"Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil," p. 590, mention of the "9/11 parable" article, a metaphor for understanding 9/11

Oil Empire is among the best current political websites. 9/11 has been examined by hundreds of writers, some of them quite excellent and others more limited -- but there are still other 9/11 sites whose illogic and rhetorical chicanery suggests disinformation. Oil Empire is by far the best resource for discriminating among the various 9/11 sites, seeking the genuine and avoiding the bogus. The mechanics of 9/11 are important. But the crime remains an isolated incident unless it's framed in a larger narrative of world affairs. This is the great strength of Mark Robinowitz's website.
-- Jamey Hecht, From the Wilderness

I have high regard for your bullshit detector.
-- Jeff Wells, Rigorous Intuition

Your sixth sense for 9/11 disinfo is intuitive and deadly accurate. It's as necessary as original research.
-- Sander Hicks, author, "The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistleblowers and the Cover-Up"


feedback from a soldier about to be sent to Iraq


"I'm not as proud of [the military] as I used to be. I joined shortly after 9/11. I joined for college money and a paycheck as much as I did for patriotism. But after 9/11, I was convinced that this was the right thing to do. And I supported the Iraq invasion when it started too.

"I honestly don't believe that the Bush administration had anything to do with 9/11, except for American foreign policy. But I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility either. Our government has been perfecting the art of shadow ops and stuff for years. I wouldn't put it past them ...

"I usually considered websites like this the work of extremist left wing wackos. But your site is different. You don't post every piece of conspiracy theory information that some guy in his mom's basement can make up. You string together facts and fill in the blank spots with believable theories and sound ideas. And you refute the ideas that don't make sense.

"So while I'll admit that the government may or may not have been involved with 9/11, and Iraq may or may not be an oil grab, I do know that the government isn't perfect, it's far from it actually. And I don't think a regime change will make a whole lot of a difference. I don't trust Bush or Kerry. For all I know they could have the same agenda, the government could just have it rigged up so the people feel like they have some control.

"Regardless of whether or not your theories are true, there is one thing that is a provable fact; The world is not as it should be. There shouldn't be war. There shouldn't be hunger. There shouldn't be poverty. There shouldn't be repression. There shouldn't be racism. There shouldn't be a need for people that have to do my job. And as long as this is true, then people should work towards change. That's what you're accomplishing with this site, and I respect you for it.

"I think the biggest problem in America is that so many people, my co-workers and myself included, really like to believe we're doing the right thing. That we're creating a free world. That we're fighting evil and repressive regimes. That we're the good guys and they're the bad guys, and there's no grey areas. That through our blood we will build a peaceful world. But anyone who really stops to think has to realize that you can't force peace through violence."


criticism from a supporter of the 9/11 official story

"essentially an industrious rumor-mongerer with a penchant for conspiracy theories"
-- Chip Berlet, Political Research Associates (a professional anti-conspiracist partially funded by the Ford Foundation)


hate mail from "truth" activists ...
is it crazy, or Cointelpro?

Your agenda is clear Mark. It's blame the Muslims. That makes you, basically, part of the neocon 911 conspiracy, doesn't it? Think about it. Think about it hard and long. You personally are supporting the war on Islam, brother.
-- John Leonard objecting to the failure to endorse his 9/11 theories

you are a Zionist. That seems to be the most obvious claim anyone can make about you.
-- Charles Shaw, editor of Newtopia magazine, June 2, 2005 (he obviously didn't read this site's page on Israeli war crimes - perhaps it is a reaction to the name "Robinowitz")

It is also quite possible that your allegiance to Israel has blinded you and distorted your worldview to the point of paranoia about who is out to get "the Jews". I'm not one of them, yet I do not accept the ADL mythology about history at face value.
-- Ray Duray, May 11, 2007 (in response to objections to false information being dissseminated by some 9/11 "truth" activists - perhaps just someone who can't move beyond an ethnic name)

Who benefits?
Who benefits from your plane hit the Pentagon bedtime story?
The Pentagon, which would like everyone to believe that it was hit by a plane, just like the World Trade Center.
Who benefits from your Peak Oil fairy tale?
The oil companies.
Why are you shilling for the Pentagon and the Oil Companies?
- Neville Raymond

(note: if someone believes that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, then they can't believe in the theory of plate tectonics to explain petroleum geology - a great example of excessive paranoia combined with gullibility. However, ExxonMobil is spending millions on propaganda that claims Peak Oil is many decades away -- the real Peak Oil scam is that the public will not be allowed to determine how to use the rest of the oil.)


privacy policy

OilEmpire.us does not have tracking "cookies" and does not keep records of visitors to the website. The basic website tracking information does record that people from all over the world have visited, that a few of those visitors are using US government and military computer systems, and what pages are the most popular. But keeping precise information is not done, although it is possible that the NSA keeps more detailed inventory of computers that do visit this website - but there is no way to know for sure if they are doing this. It is safe to assume that the "Total(itarian) Information Awareness" office in the Pentagon keeps track of your internet surfing habits, email and other electronic communications, since they are control freaks in charge of the most sophisticated surveillance system ever developed.

Make local copies of web resources you like (especially news stories), since what is on-line today might not be tomorrow. And don't forget that using the internet has as much privacy as sending postcards through the Post Office - never type anything in an email that you would not want to have read back to you in a court of law. Perhaps some encryption systems or "anonymous" websurfing services are legitimate and function as advertised, but it is just as likely that they are created by intelligence agencies (or compromised by those agencies) to give people the illusion of privacy - who then go on to share things they would not do otherwise.


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from www.911truth.org in 2003 (but it also applies to oilempire)
PLEASE NOTE! This site is definitely anti-terrorism, pro-American people, pro-New York, pro "truth," pro-freedom and pro-world! We do not support disinformation, distraction or ideology, and we resist all efforts to exploit the aftermath, irregularities and oddities of the Sept. 11th story by the purveyors of propaganda, paranoia, racism, mystification, proselytization or advertising.

the webmaster for oilempire was born in Manhattan two months before the coup d'etat in Dallas


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